The Non Agency Visualisation Studio

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We are not an agency, but why is that a big deal?


For one, we don’t have the overheads of an agency and we pass the savings to you through great prices while preserving the high quality cinematic looks.


What's more, you get to deal directly with experienced visualisers instead of account managers. This lead to faster turn around time, more accurate representation and less drama.


Our architecturally trained lead visualiser with 20 years experience in local and international visualisation projects is personally responsible for all our deliverables.


Agencies do have their advantages. However if all you need is solid cinematic visuals at great price handled by battle hardened professionals, it is time to give us a shout.


Our Services​

marketing videos

architectural animations

architectural renderings

3D modeling

motion graphics

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Our mission is simple.

Push the boundaries of technology and creativity to interpret the clients' brief in the most effective manner possible...

"The visual medium has been shown to account for up to 80% of the information a modern human uses to form his perception.


In competitive industries, effective visuals can be the difference between winning and coming second"